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The English version is "Slow Life - Tidings of four seasons".
I am weak in English. For that reason I aim at something like picture book, that is represented by words of a little.


Aromaphloia アロマフロイア』では、バラやアロマオイルなどユーカリ以外のものを掲載しています。


Will Hirakata and the place of the same climate be in Australia?

Will Hirakata and the place of the same climate be in Australia?
Hirakata is a city located in Osaka, Japan.

Temperature of Hirakata is the average temperature from 2009 to 2011.
I got the temperature of each Australia place from the site of the trip.

Temperature of each place

Monthly temperature difference is subtract monthly minimum temperature from monthly maximum temperature.
Monthly temperature difference of Alice Springs is much greater than monthly temperature difference of Hirakata.

Annual temperature difference is obtained by subtracting minimum temperature of the winter from minimum temperature of the summer.
In many places of Australia, annual temperature difference of Australia is much small than annual temperature difference of Hirakata.
The hot area is warm in the winter, and the cold area is cool in the summer. 

The desert zone that differences between heat and cold have a big is near to the maximum temperature and minimum temperature of Hirakata.

I tried to validate the detailed data, whether or not there is a place that is similar to Hirakata.
The following figure used data of the Australian government.

Highest temperature map

Minimum temperature map

Composite map
  ※The composite map is own work.

It is thought that it is QLD Mitchel when I check meteorological observatory data of this neighborhood.
I have created a graph in numerical data of Mitchell.
Graphs are based on the meteorological data of the Australian Government.

In winter of Hirakata, temperature rises around 8 degrees from minimum temperature and becomes around 9 degrees at the daytime.
In winter of Mitchell temperature rises around 13 degrees from minimum temperature and becomes around 20 degrees at the daytime.
We can feel the 20 degrees temperature all year in Mitchell.
I cannot experience it in Hirakata

From Google Maps

The terrain of Mitchell seems such as the nook of the plain that is blocked by the mountain.

The terrain of Hirakata is the nook of the Osaka Plain that is blocked by the mountain of Kyoto and Nara.

Next graph is air temperature of Alice Springs and Arltunga.
I have created a graph in based on the meteorological data of the Australian Government.

Arltunga is the minimum temperature about 2 degrees lower than Alice Springs.

A Alice spring

B Arltunga

In both areas, the temperature is a similar tendency.

In many places of Australia, annual temperature difference of Australia is much small than annual temperature difference of Hirakata.
The hot area is warm in the winter, and the cold area is cool in the summer.
The winter highest temperature is the same as summer minimum temperature.
There is one puncta of temperature that you can always sense in Australia.
However,  summer temperatures and winter temperatures in Hirakata are very different.

In the eucalyptus which I cultivate, there are gamophylla of the Alice spring and melanophloia of Mitchell.
It was seeded at time same as both.
It is planting a flowerpot with the same soil.
They have grown in the open air exposed to rain.

Below is a graph of the temperature of the winter Mitchell and Alice spring.  The data of Hirakata is January 2011.

The room temperature becomes 20 degrees from 18 degrees when I put a stove in winter.

Green meat compartment of the refrigerator is 5 to 7 degree, and  the refrigerator door pocket  is 6 to 9 degree.
Eucalyptus grown in Hirakata feel like inside the refrigerator.

When we cultivate Eucalyptus, on that condition Hirakata does not have Australia and the place of the similar temperature.
The environment is different, but the eucalyptus grows.
Eucalyptus survives strong  to changes in the environment.

Precipitation of Hirakata and Australia.
Because there is little precipitation, it is necessary to reduce quantity of the watering.

But when I change the way I think.
I think, not necessarily eucalyptus accumulated in leaf water directly, the amount of water that seeps into the ground because it becomes a problem, by dropping quite a water-holding capacity of the soil, whether it is not capable of supporting the watering.

I think I should examine the soil of Australia.


The very mysterious leaf of Eucalyptus.

This is a leaf of Eucalyptus (Corymbia) maculata.

Very mysterious !

The leaf is growing from the leaf.

The mysterious phenomenon has happened.

Botanical name : Eucalyptus (Corymbia) maculata
Common name : Spotted gum


The minimum temperature is an important key

In the early summer of this year, the growth of the seedling was slow.

I felt early-morning temperature to be chilly.

Does temperature influence the growth of Eucalyptus?

It was as follows when I examined temperature.

I made  a graph of temperature of 2010 and 2011 and 2012.

The minimum temperature from June 20 to July 10 lowers in comparison with the last year.

The seedling becomes fast-growing, when keeping minimum temperature more than 23 degrees.

The growth speed of Eucalyptus seems to influence the temperature.


I hope that a flower blooms.

Eucalyptus orbifolia is a kind to inhabit the desert zone of Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Osaka Japan is a temperate humid climate.

I think the different environment to be that the stress is big for E.orbifolia.

In this stress, I am surprised at E.orbifolia having a bud.

I hope that a flower blooms.


Is this a bud of a flower?

This is Eucalyptus gillii.

Tree height is about 50 cm.

I found the unnatural branch on July 5.

It is continuing observing since then.

Although it is a small seedling, it seems to have a bud of a flower.

I expect that a flower blooms.


Summer in Japan for Eucalyptus

Many seedling of Eucalyptus died in summer of 2011.

Was the summer of 2011 too hot for the eucalyptus?

This graph is comparison of the temperature of 2010 and 2011.

Hirakara-shi Osaka japan.

I think about the same even if I compare the temperature of 2011 with the temperature of 2010.

Temperature was not a cause and would be caused by other environment. .....?

I examined the daylight hours and precipitation.

The unit of the daylight hours is hours.

The unit of precipitation is mm.

In periods from May to September,

The daylight hours of 2011 was decrease more 90-hour than 2010.

The precipitation of 2011 is increase of 140mm than 2010.

I think that it was the environment where the soil of the flowerpot is hard to dry.

Drying of the soil of the flowerpot will be an important thing for Eucalyptus.