From 2015, 2015年より、


The English version is "Slow Life - Tidings of four seasons".
I am weak in English. For that reason I aim at something like picture book, that is represented by words of a little.


Aromaphloia アロマフロイア』では、バラやアロマオイルなどユーカリ以外のものを掲載しています。


About the slow life

The "Slow life" is trendy words now.
The meaning of the slow is "slowly" "leisurely" "relaxed" and "take time".
As for the life is "life" and "living".
The "slow life" means that I "will live the life with a relaxed feeling having afford thinking about another person".
There is not the privilege in this group.
It is only the proof that had you approve of such a purpose.
When it saw a group "Slow life", it is the person of the way of thinking similar to you.
I think that I am all right even if you talk airily.

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