From 2015, 2015年より、


The English version is "Slow Life - Tidings of four seasons".
I am weak in English. For that reason I aim at something like picture book, that is represented by words of a little.


Aromaphloia アロマフロイア』では、バラやアロマオイルなどユーカリ以外のものを掲載しています。


It snowed in Hirakata

It snowed after a long time all-out.

Botanical name : Eucalyptus nicholii
Common name : Nichol's Willow Leaf Peppermint

It is like a Christmas tree.

Botanical name : Eucalyptus urnigera
Common name : Urn gum

The snow lies thick alike on other seedlings.

After 2 hours

It seems covered with the snow completely as things stand now.

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