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The English version is "Slow Life - Tidings of four seasons".
I am weak in English. For that reason I aim at something like picture book, that is represented by words of a little.


Aromaphloia アロマフロイア』では、バラやアロマオイルなどユーカリ以外のものを掲載しています。


Eucalyptuses doing its best

They are Eucalyptus which I thought to have already died.

Botanical name : Eucalyptus Moon Lagoon
Common name : Fine-Leafed mallee

The leaf becomes brown and is dry.

It died by cold wind of the winter season.

But a sprout came out of a stem.

Botanical name : Eucalyptus perriniana
Common name : Spinning gum

Because the eucalyptus is a trunk of the thickness of around 0.5 millimeters, and the tip dies, and a leaf fell, it is the seedling which thought that I completely died.

It died by cold wind of the winter season.

It was too too thin, and it was too small, and focus did not match when I made a camera auto.

Botanical name : Eucalyptus morrisbyi
Common name : Morrisby's gum

I have planted eight of them in one pot.

In the early spring, I took the wrong timing of the watering and have killed it.

The leaf sticks, but is all dry.

But a lot of sprouts came out of the root neighborhood.

They are deep-rooted eucalyptuses.

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